Nano Gold Breast Series

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St. Herb Nano Gold Breast Serum 50ml

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Miracle of 24-Karat Gold and Nanotechnology for Forever Breast Beauty

Nano Gold Breast Serum

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  • Nano Gold Breast Serum


Nano Gold Breast Serum

Supreme Firming Effects

St. Herb Nano Gold Breast Serum 50ml

With advanced cosmetic technology, St. Herb Nano Gold Breast Serum is offered with various types of herbal extracts and minerals to facilitate breast beauty for supreme firming effects. Pure Nano Gold Peptide outstandingly activates the blood circulation around breasts skin and stimulates skin to self-generate the collagen and elastin to make the breast firm, tight, and fascinating.

Phytoestrogen compounds work greatly with other nutrients in enriching and feeding breasts to be full with more volume at the top part. Breasts then become plumper as well with prominent cleavage. The gold serum also supports and strengthens breast ligaments for lifting and tightening effects which therefore promote breast tightness and firmness. It also reveals charming breasts with gold shimmers.

St. Herb Nano Gold Breast Serum furthermore provides antioxidant to protect breasts from free radicals and aging. The enriched serum penetrates deeply into every cell of breast dermis skin layer and generously hydrates breast to be supple and smooth. The application of the serum immediately enhances breasts to be tight and firm. It is suitable for all breast types for maintaining breast beauty and slowing down deterioration.


  • Nourishes breasts deeply into dermis layer
  • Stimulates skin to regenerate collagen and elastin for breast firmness
  • Increases more volume at the top part for breast fullness
  • Enhances breast beauty with distinctive cleavage
  • Promotes blood circulation around breast layers for healthiness and radiance
  • Rehydrates breasts to be supple and velvety-touched
  • Offers antioxidant to protect breasts from free radicals and aging
  • Instantly tightens and lightens breast texture
  • Suitable for all breast types with stability effect in maintaining breast beauty and slowing down deterioration

Active Ingredients:

Pure Nano Gold Peptide:a gold peptide in nanoparticles has deep penetrating effect into dermis layer. It keeps moisture and elastin storage by producing more collagen while preventing collagen decrease for breast firmness and elasticity. The blood circulating effect also enhances breasts to be healthy and glowing.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract: a Thai herbal plant extract is well-know in offering phytoestrogens to rejuvenate and improve breasts to be firm, tight, and full with more volume and distinctive cleavage.

Myrrh Bark Extract:it has properties in expanding the milk ducts and activates the production of breast fatty tissues for more volume of breasts.

Kigelia Afficana Extract: is clinically proven to improve firmness and elasticity of skin muscles by enabling skin water retention and stimulating the production of hyaruronic acid which is a natural moisturizer. It also prevents breasts form deterioration and aging.

Centella Asiatica Extract: enables the better build up of collagen and elastin to help in skin layer forming and firming. It also promotes better blood and capillary regulation, reducing any clogs in the blood vessels and excess accumulation of serous fluid in connective tissues.

Witch Hazel Extract: provides anti-irritant properties but also greatly helps smoothen and repair breast cells for firmness and tightness by restoring blood circulation.

Vitamin C Glycosphere: Vitamin C in the form of nanoparticles penetrates deeply to improve skin texture to be smoothly glowing.

Vitamin B3:skin conditioning and whitening agents help improve skin by restoring skin texture for suppleness and radiant-looking skin.


Apply the serum onto each breast thoroughly and massage for 3-5 minutes or until it is fully absorbed. Use once in the morning and once at night. You can gain tight and firm breasts instantly at the first application.

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